Friday, May 16, 2008


I have a hard time starting at the beginning and never quite know where the end is so I usually just jump in the middle which is what I have done with this blog. Let me give you some history about us (after writing "us" I paused for a long time wondering if I should change it to "me" but as a stay at home, homeschooling mother of three, the word "me" sounds so lonely and alone I definitely am not.... so us it is:). Originally from Southern California, we moved to New England almost two years ago and I have been labeling myself a homeschooler ever since. I say that because the more I come to know about homeschooling I realize I have actually been homeschooling since my oldest was flip flopping around in my belly sharing with him my view of the world, my love of reading and my addiction to music. Since birth I've presented each with the opportunity to explore and find his own way, allowing them to know the world through their senses, embracing their wonder and always pushing them to think, think, think.
I myself am a starfish tosser (nice story, I'll save it for another blog though) determined to save the world one child at a time. I'm an eternal optimist who tries to see the good in all, my partner is a wonderful realist, together we're like a bright red balloon and a sturdy string, he keeps me grounded and I keep him lifted- balance
Right now I'm in school getting my master's in child and family studies and parent education, my partner T is also getting his masters. We have 3 boys Shmeep 5.5, Shnook 3 and Shmittle 2.5 months, all are at home. (I gave them these nicknames when they were babies and they just stuck)
I'm writing this blog just to share, share my experiences, my education (the knowledge I gain as I live, love and learn), my excitement, my exasperation, and my (please insert a word that starts with E and means triumphs;). I hope you enjoy and feel moved to share yours with me.


  1. Look out now!! I was just on your blog so I could try add your rss feed and I see you've posted again!! Brava. I haven't written in a while but I think you're motivating me to do so soon =)

  2. i love this er, by the seat of your pants;)...i especially love the way you described you and t...absolutely splendid...that's exactly what i want...i may go blog about that...beautiful...