Thursday, May 15, 2008


As I sit here and attempt to begin my journey into the wonderful word of blogging, my real world keeps unplugging my Cyber universe. I had made up my mind to get it going, put it all out there and finally write something. Just as I open my notebook that documents our homeschooling adventures, here comes Shnook, my amazingly clever, very practical 3 year old holding two interesting contraptions
Shnook "look Mommy, these are shooters!"
K "Oh, what do shooters do?"
Shnook "They shoot people, bad guys, that try to come in our store."
K "Why do you need to shoot them?"
Shnook "So they stop coming in. They are bad guys, they hurt people."
K "If we shoot them we will be hurting people, so are we bad guys?"
Shnook "No, we are not bad guys!"
K "Lets not hurt people. Maybe we can just tell them not to come in."
Shnook "lets make a sign."
So I gave him paper and a pen and he asked for tape to put it on.
K "What do you want the sign to say?"
Shnook "Do not come in, how do you write it?"
Writing out the whole process would take much to long, so here is the gist of it: I sounded out the words he wrote the letters he thought made the sound. At this point he just writes the letters all over the paper so when we came to "o" in come he said we already have an "o", so we moved on :) After he finished his sign he began to put tape on it, trust me when I say getting tape off of the little dispenser is a 3 year old's Mt. Everest. After his labor of love he took his long windy piece of tape and put it on his sign then went to post it on the front door. He soon realized he needed another piece of tape. I showed him again how to grasp the tape and pull it firmly at the "cuty" part. He did this and in much less time than the first piece. Now our door has a bold peaceful sign that lets the bad guys know not to come in.

Skills covered
*Peaceful conflict resolution
*Fine motor skills
-getting another strip of tape in less time than the first serves as "proof" of his learning
Ha, take that boxed curriculum!

All of this only took 20 minutes and Shnook stood at the door observing his sign I swear his little chest swelled with pride over his accomplishment.
As I "attempt" to live my life it keeps getting interrupted by these wonderful teachable moments that I am oh so happy to drop everything for and explore.
I have to go, I have another interruption to attend to :)


  1. Fabulous! I loved it. Please keep 'em comin.' Unless you have an interruption, of course ;)